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Working to enhance and restore marine habitat is paramount to the success of our conservation efforts.   In Chesapeake Bay, the oyster population and submerged aquatic vegetation coverage are all time lows.  These habitats are the very foundation of life in the region.

Our Habitat Committee works to engage chapters, educators, local communities, and numerous local partners that support our habitat work here in Maryland.  Thanks to our national partners at the Building Conservation Trust, CCA’s National Habitat Program we are increasing the positive impact that we can on our local ecosystem through habitat enhancement and restoration.

If you are interested in becoming more involved with our habitat efforts and decisions the committee makes, please contact us.

Oyster Management Input

July 28, 2015
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CCA Maryland and its members advocate for the health and sustainability of our marine resources and work to conserve, promote, and enhance the availability of these public resources. We fully recognize that managing our marine natural resources is no small task and that the devil is always in the details. The public trust doctrine guides … Read more