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The Great Chesapeake Invasives Count


April 1 - Oct 31


Chesapeake Bay Watershed (Virtual)



2021 Promotional Partner Opportunities

The fishing opportunities for northern snakeheads, blue catfish and flathead catfish are as diverse as the anglers who pursue them.  Are you connecting with this growing audience of anglers?

The Great Chesapeake Invasives Count (GCIC) is your opportunity to share your brand, business, products and more with anglers pursuing these fish.

We recognize that opinions about how to manage these species, or whether they are a problem are also as broad as the people who pursue them.

The goal of the GCIC is to focus on what we all have in common, a passion for fishing and enjoying quality time on or near the water with family and friends.

Promotional Partners may include, but are not limited to:

  • Local tackle shops
  • Lure companies
  • Chesapeake watershed based tournaments & events
  • Community groups & social media platforms
  • Chefs, restaurants & more....

Not all promotional partners may be in a position to donate a prize, but our goal is to provide a minimum of 10 randomly drawn prizes at the end of each month, 5 of which will go to participating CCA members.

Donated items should be approximately $25 in value per prize, and may include gift certificates, tackle, apparel, etc.

CCA Maryland staff will manage each monthly drawing via a random number generator while live streaming on Facebook and YouTube live on the 30th or 31st of each month from April - October 2021.

An ideal donated item is one that each promotional partner can and will fulfill themselves after being notified by CCA Maryland staff.  If you have a local shop, we'll send the winners to you.

Are you set up for shipping? We will provide the winners shipping address.

Do you have other ideas on how you can promote this community based citizen science effort?  Please send us a message below.


Become a Promotional Partner

Use the form to let us what you can provide to support the Great Chesapeake Invasives Count as a promotional partner.

Please include what months from April through October you would like to donate prizes to or any events or activities you would like develop specific promotional activities around.

We want the GCIC to be a community based platform for promoting the fisheries we are passionate about so please share additional ideas you may have on how we can work together


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