Fishing Tournament

Winter Classic


Dec 4th, 2021

Weather Date Dec. 5th or 11th.


Buzz's Marina


$60 members
$85 non-members

presented by:


Are you an angler who doesn't let cold weather get in the way of some great fishing?   If so, don't miss the 3rd Annual Winter Classic presented by BKD Lures

This is a catch-photo-release tournament managed in partnership with the iAngler Tournament app and the Angler Action Foundation.

Registration is done on an individual basis, with up to 6 anglers participating on a team/vessel.

Your registration includes the tournament dinner and awards party at Buzz's Marina and a tournament shirt.

CCA Membership is required so check your status and make sure your membership is current. Not a member yet? Non-member registration includes CCA Membership or adds 1-year to your existing membership.

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Tournament Starts In

How to Participate

The Winter Classic is  and Light Tackle Tournament is a Catch-Photo-Release tournament managed in partnership with the Angler Action Foundation using the iAngler Tournament smartphone application.

To register for this event:

  1. Complete the registration form on our Registration Page here
  2. One TournamentShirt is included with your registration so make sure to select your size
  3. You will receive a confirmation email with a coupon code and instructions
  4. Create a User Account at if you don't have one already & log in
  5. Follow the link in your email to register on the iAngler website or app and enter the coupon code during checkout
  6. Download the iAngler mobile app, head out on the water & start fishing!

If you need assistance with logging in with your existing account or have any other registration issues, please contact David Sikorski via email or by texting or calling (443)621-9186

This is the logo you are looking for when downloading the app from you app store or google play.

Look for this logo when downloading the FREE iAngler Tournament app.

Tournament Divisions & Rules

The following divisions are based on how an angler catches their qualifying fish.

Click each division below for more information.

Additional divisions or Calcuttas ( aka Tournaments within the tournament) may be added with proper sponsor support and participation.   Please contact David Sikorski @ (443)621-9186 or

The 3 fish stringer division includes a top 3 fish caught by an individual or team of up to 6 anglers.   

  • Youth anglers(free entry) are not included as a team member for the 4 person limit.  If a youth angler would like to compete as a team member they should enter using the standard entry levels. 


1st- $1500 Alltackle Gift Card

2nd - $1000 Alltackle Gift Card

3rd - $500 Alltackle Gift Card


LONGEST ROCKFISH caught by a registered angler

PRIZES:  CCA Engel Cooler Package



 $300 Simms Gift Certificate


PRIZES: Longest rockfish caught by a female angler will win a JLS Custom Rod.  

All participating female anglers will be entered in a drawing to win a second JLS Custom Rod. 

Sponsored by JLS Custom Rods:

All CCA Maryland "New Tide" or "Rising Tide" members 17 & under may participate in this tournament for no additional entry fee.

Youth Memberships are available at

FREE Youth memberships are available at while supplies last.  

CCA Spinning rods & a CCA hat will be awarded to 1st , 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be awarded for the 3 longest rockfish caught and released by youth anglers. 

Youth catches do not count towards 3 fish stringer divisions or others unless the youth angler registers as an adult ($60 or $85 entry)


All fish entered for competition shall be released in a manner to maximize health and survivability of the released fish. 

  1. ALLOWED FISHING TACKLE: Light Tackle/Fly only. Artificial scent, liquid/gel color or lure enhancement allowed. No Trolling or use of live/dead bait.
  2. Boundaries: Tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay. 
  3. A single, clear and readable photo of your catch should be taken against the 48” CCA MD ruler. Rulers received at a previous years CCA MD or Boat Yard Bar and Grill Tournament or Fish for a Cure are allowed.  Additonal rules may be used if certified by judges ahead of time or inspected prior to awarding prizes to participants without the official ruler. 
  4. Tournament participants will be provided a tournament identifier after sunset on Friday Dec 3rd via iAngler Tournament(email & message) and on CCA Maryland's Facebook page. The Identifier must be visible in all pictures and may be printed out, drawn on a hand or ruler, or be made visible in all pictures of fish.  It will also be posted at the top of the tournament information on the iAngler Tournament page. 
  5. The overall fish length will be judged based on the image you provide from the snout to the tip of the tail. The tail may be pinched.
  6. To properly measure a fish, place it directly next to or on top of the ruler, w/ the nose towards the zero mark. Any length of fish beyond the zero inches mark of the ruler will not count towards the official length.  Rulers MAY NOT be modified in any way, but it IS RECOMMENDED that a fish be placed against a bulkhead, or attached to a board to allow the snout of the fish to be even with the zero mark.  
  7. Any fish caught longer than 48” should be photographed next to the ruler and the zero mark of the ruler in any images should not be blocked from view. 
  8. No fish below the legal size limit may be entered.
  9. Tournament officials reserve the right to inspect any participant’s ruler before, during, or after judging and disqualify any catch if a ruler modification is suspected. Failure to present the ruler to judges at their request may result in disqualification.
  10. Tournament officials reserve the right to examine the embedded metadata of any photo image to confirm the validity of picture. Photos with edited or missing metadata may be disallowed at the judge’s discretion.  Judges may ask to view the original image on your phone or camera.  Failure to provide an original image may result in disqualification
  11. Participants may not change boats during the tournament.
  12. All occupants on a single vessel must be entered in the tournament.
  13. Youth entries may not be counted toward a team stringer unless youth is fishing as part of team under paid registration.
  14. All participants reserve the right to challenge any photo judgement before 5:00 Pm ON 12/4 or when judging ends if later than 5:00pm ON 12/4.  
  15. Judges reserve the right to disqualify any entry and have final say in determination of fish length by a 2/3 majority vote of judging panel.
  16. Tie breaker determined by time of entry or when stringer length is submitted based on the time that the photo is taken by an angler per the device use for taking the image.  No image may be altered or have data removed. 
  17. Measurements will be made to nearest 1/4”
  18. Participants may only be awarded for one prize in any single division.


Pictures shall be submitted via the iAngler Tournament smart phone app by 3:00pm or in person at Buzz's marina by 4:00pm.

In case of a tie, the individual that turns in their catch first or team reaches the stringer length first is the winner.  

Participants must confirm that their catch has been recorded properly, and can do so through the iAngler Tournament Scoreboard throughout the day.  

Youth participants without a smartphone or email may be connected to an adults account PRIOR to lines in for catch logging purposes. 

If fishing on a boat with multiple participants you may submit catch under one persons name, or add an anglers name in the notes section of the catch submission. All catch will be organized as a team.  

  • PROTEST: All participants reserve the right to challenge any photo judgement OR report any possible rule infraction before 5 on Dec 4th when judging ends, and final scores are posted online. ANY PROTEST MUST BE SENT TO INFORMATION@CCAMD.ORG or communicated to David Sikorski @ (443)621-9186 and completed in writing in person.  Please include description of possible error or infraction, any evidence, and contact information for those who wish to be interviewed by judges.
  • Judges reserve the right to disqualify any entry and have final say in determination of fish length by a 2/3 majority vote.
  • Tie breaker determined by time of entry or when stringer length is achieved.


Lines In:
Dec. 4th, 2021 7:00am

Lines Out
Dec 4th, 2021 3:00pm

Picture Submission Deadline:

Dec. 4th, 2021 3:00pm(app submission) 4:00pm in Person @ Buzz's


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