why it matters

Marine debris injures and kills marine life, interferes with navigation safety, and poses a threat to human health.

Our oceans and waterways are polluted with all kinds of marine debris ranging from plastic bags to fishing gear. By working with our members and partners we hope to reduce the amount of trash in our waterways and make sure we are leaving future generations something to make them proud.

what cca maryland is doing

Making a Difference

Cleanup site locations are chosen by CCA leaders that have identified areas in their region in need of attention. With hopes that families, friends, and neighbors will join our efforts to renew some of our favorite places in Maryland, CCA Maryland is committed to bringing awareness to our up-stream issues and working to make a change.

cleaning up the bay
what you can do

There Are Many Ways To Get Involved

Become a Chesapeake Cleanup Partner

Gather your Friends, Family or Co-Workers

Volunteer Your Time at a Cleanup Event

Know an Area That Needs a Cleanup?