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The Central Region Chapter was formed in 2014 and has been making an impact since. The Chapter started the Living Reef Action Campaign (LRAC), which has grown into the flagship habitat and outreach model for the State by engaging the community to spread awareness of the difference we can make at a local level.

In mid-2016, CCA Maryland and the Central Region Chapter sunk its inaugural “living reef” just off Tilghman Island in the Chesapeake Bay. Just five months later, evidence of new life and substantial oyster growth was captured when researchers checked in on the reef on their initial dive. The reef has been expanded since with the same results.

The chapter has engaged thousands of students and community members through in-class education and hands-on projects. As a result, the Chapter has won several awards and been recognized with a citation from the Governor of Maryland. Each year the Chapter hosts two youth fishing derbies to enable children to get outdoors. The Chapter holds meetings monthly (except in the Summer months) typically in Westminster, Mt. Airy or Frederick.