CCA Maryland works hard each and every day to ensure a bright future for our natural resources.

 As a non-profit 501(c)3 grass roots organization , we depend on the generous support of our members and sponsors to accomplish our mission.

Recreational fishing is an essential part of who we are. To protect our coastal resources and our recreational fishing heritage, we need your financial support.

When you make a financial contribution to CCA Maryland, you are investing in a bright future for Maryland's marine resources. You are helping protect recreational fishing and marine habitats for future generations to experience and enjoy.

All donations made to CCA Maryland will stay in Maryland and be used exclusively for the purpose of conserving, promoting and enhancing Maryland's marine resources for future generations.

Donations will support our advocacy efforts, youth fishing and membership events, and our habitat work.  If you would only like to support a specific part of CCA Maryland's work please let us know

Checks can be sent via mail to:

Coastal Conservation Association Maryland

P.O. Box 309

Annapolis, MD 21401

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For 22 years, CCA Maryland has focused on three essential areas:


We believe in the importance of recreational fishing and the conservation of our marine resources.


We educate citizens about conservation efforts, pending public policy changes and threats to our resources. Through our habitat programs, we work with local educators to supplement Chesapeake Bay watershed education curriculum, and provide hands on learning experiences for students of all ages


We shake hands, tell our story and nurture relationships at the local, state and national level to affect policy protecting marine resources and recreational fishing.

CCA Maryland’s Recent Achievements Include

  • Promotion of a Conservation Based, Resource-First Management Approach
  • Support For Science-Based Fisheries Management Policies
  • Protections for forage species from large scale harvest
  • Support for Local STEM Education Programs with Oyster, Habitat, and Ecosystem Based Curriculum, and Hands on Projects
  • Enhancing Marine Habitat with Community Built Artificial Reefs
  • Supporting the Passage of Legislative Protections of the Chesapeake Wild Oyster Population
  • Supporting the Passage of the 365 Day Recreational Fishing License Bill

Coastal Conservation Association Maryland