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Striped bass are in trouble, as numbers of this popular game fish have plunged to such worrisome levels that fishery managers have implemented Amendment 7 to the striped bass management plan.  This is widely considered to be the striper “road map” designed to help restore and manage this iconic gamefish well into the future.

We believe this is a necessary step but are concerned that this may not be enough. That’s why CCA and our partners worked with Fish Talk Magazine to host three seminars in 2022 entitled, Past, Present, & Future of Striped Bass: A Chesapeake Perspective.

Expert panelists – including fishery biologists, managers and policy experts – joined us (via live streaming on digital platforms Facebook and YouTube) to share with the recreational fishing and boating community their experience and perspective.

The three seminars were:

May 12th: “Dark Years: Lessons Learned from the Striper Moratorium of 1985-1990”

July 14: “The Current State of the Fishery, Habitat & Forage”

Sept. 22: “Rebuilding a Fishery and Bay that Future Anglers Deserve”

These interactive talks  engaged, educated and inspired thousands of anglers to get involved to help determine how stripers are managed as well as rebuild fish habitat and conserve forage in Chesapeake Bay. The PPF also put fishery managers, decision makers and elected officials on notice that the Chesapeake sport fishing and boating community – consistently the best stewards of our marine resources and access to the Bay – expects decisive action and progress to advance these three key initiatives.

View each seminar by clicking the titles above or embedded videos below.