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Save MAN O WAR Shoal

Maryland DNR wants to destroy this upper Bay fishing spot and pay for it with your tax dollars. Tell your elected official to PASS House Bill 500 and/or Senate Bill 979 and stop the planned destruction of Man O War Shoal.

Current Status

  • Bill Introduced

  • In Committee

  • Passed to Opposite Chamber

  • Signed by Governor

HB 500 nor SB 979 to protect Man O War Shoal were advanced out of committee. No legislative protection of Man O War shoal will occur in the 2022 session.

Our Position on this Legislation

In Support

CCA Maryland OPPOSES the dredging of buried shell, and SUPPORTS House Bill 500 & Senate Bill 979

  • Anglers, crabbers, boaters and Upper Bay watermen all oppose the dredging of Man O War Shoal.
  • Man O War Shoal is an important fishing and crabbing location that supports the local ecology and economy.
  • Proposed shell dredging will cut large holes on either side of the shoal, forever impacting it’s stability and value as habitat and structure.
  • The Upper Bay region has already endured the removal of over 196M bushels of buried shell, an action that cost the taxpayers of Maryland nearly 50 million dollars from 1960-2006.
  • History tells us that there are no long lasting public benefits in using buried shell to try and enhance habitat elsewhere.
  • Maryland leaders should focus on other actions that can be made to improve oyster habitat, and not destroy existing habitat to attempt to supplement the wild oyster fishery and habitat enhancement in other portions of the Bay.

For more information on why CCA Maryland supports House Bill 500 and Senate Bill 979 to protect Man O War Shoal at 


Take Action

The General Assembly has adjourned for the 2022 session and did not pass this legislation

Legislation Details

The Baltimore County Council unanimously supports House Bill 500 by passing a resolution to protect Man O War Shoal

What’s Next?

The Senate Education, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee will hold an IN-PERSON hearing on Wednesday March 16th @ 1pm Youtube Link to view Live 3/16 @ 1pm

The Environment & Transportation Committee will hold a VIRTUAL hearing on this bill on February 16th @ 1pm.  Click here for a google calendar link

Do you know your Delegate or Senator? Search for them here, and make sure they know how you feel on this issue too.


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