why it matters

Water is the common denominator in all things fishing, and the most basic building block of all life on the Earth.

Having good water quality is key to supporting healthy aquatic ecosystems. Here in the Chesapeake Bay, there are many things that impact water quality, and many of them exist many hundreds of miles away and outside of Maryland.

what cca maryland is doing

Making a Difference

At CCA Maryland we recognize that water is fish habitat, and we work to lend our voice and support to improving water quality in as many ways as can. We know that oyster reefs help filter water and underwater grasses help stabilize sediments, but that instituting many best practices on land are the key to long term success. All who live in the watershed have an impact on our waters, and CCA Maryland stands ready to work with you on issues that impact water quality, and ultimately our fisheries that we care so much about.

Recent News about Water Quality

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