2018 CCA Maryland Red Trout Tournament

Crisfield, Maryland

It was a beautiful weekend in Crisfield, Maryland for the 2018 Red Trout Fishing Tournament.

Fisherman from all over the region came to Crisfield to enjoy fishing this two-day tournament amongst Tangier Sound's many creeks, rivers, reefs, and islands.

The Red Trout Tournament started in 2013, to celebrate Crisfield and the diverse fishing opportunities available nearby.

In February 2017, CCA Maryland worked with the Building Conservation Trust, CCA’s National Habitat Program, the Maryland Artificial Reef Initiative, Rinker Materials, and Engel Coolers, to build a new artificial reef just south west of Crisfield. The new reef is made up of nearly 400 tons of concrete pipe is now full of marine growth, and has expanded fishing opportunities in the region.

Red Trout’s home base this weekend was the Crisfield American Legion where the Captains Meeting reception was held on Friday evening, the tournament party on Saturday and lines out/awards presentation on Sunday.

For 2018 CCA’s Tournament Committee decided on new rules that award anglers for pursuing multiple species and to enjoy the diversity of the Tangier sound area.

Thanks, the iAngler Tournament smart phone application, anglers were able to submit their catches in real time, and allow the Red Trout Tournament to be a catch, photo, release tournament.   “Keeping a few fish for dinner is always a great part of a day of fishing, but using a catch, photo and release platform like iAngler tournament allows anglers to still compete in our tournaments if they prefer to release their fish” said David Sikorski, CCA Maryland’s Executive Director.   “In the spring of the year we will always require the release of large breeding aged female rockfish in our tournaments, and use our platform to educate anglers on the value of catch and release for the conservation of certain species and at certain times of the year. ”

This year Red Trout had a Powerboat(Team), Kayak and Fly divisions for adults, and the Bass Kandy Delight Youth division for CCA Youth members.  All divisions had a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize. All anglers regardless of division also competed for a prize for the single largest Redfish, Trout, and Striped Bass caught over the two-day event.

The term, "Crisfield Slam” was coined a few years back to define a multi-species catch in Tangier Sound.  In 2015 CCA Maryland started a perpetual trophy for this event that is housed at the American Legion with a plaque representing the team with the best combination of the different species in the tournament.  In recent years the “Crisfield Slam” award has only been available for entrants into the Crisfield Slam Calcutta.

Doug Greiner - Top Kayak Angler & Top Overall "Crisfield Slam" holding the perpetual Red Trout "Crisfield Slam" Trophy which is displayed at the American Legion year round

This year all divisions were based on the “Crisfield Slam” principle.

Weakfish were added to the list of trout species accepted. Full list of qualifying fish and required minimum measurement below:

  • Red Drum, minimum length limit: 18"
  • Spotted Sea Trout, minimum length limit: 14"
  • Weakfish, minimum length limit: 13"
  • Striped Bass, minimum length limit: 19"
  • Bluefish, minimum length limit: 8”
  • Flounder, minimum length limit: 16.5"

A perfect “Crisfield Slam” would be one of each species all reaching the legal minimum size per Maryland DNR rules.  While this might seem like a tall order, it is doable with the right tactics, weather conditions, skills, and luck.

The length of the fish will matter, but the most species entered will trump those who catch the biggest of only a single species.  The cumulative length of 1 fish of each species per angler or power boat team was used to determine the overall “Crisfield Slam” length.  The cumulative length would have been used as a tie breaker for those who catch the same number of species.

Most anglers reported plenty of fish to be caught in the shallows, but it proved challenging to find a large number keeper sized trout or flounder.   No slot, or “puppy drum” were reported, but a few lucky anglers found some nice redfish over 40”.  Others reported spooking some large redfish in the shallows as well.


2018 Winners and their prizes



2018 Red Trout Final Results:

Power Boat/ Team Division Redfish Bluefish Rockfish Speck Flounder TOTAL
Thunder Road (1st) 0 24 26 14 0 64"
Crisfield Charters (2nd) 0 13.125 24.25 14 0 51.375"
Deal Island (3rd) 0 13.125 19 17.25 0 49.375"
Kayak Division Redfish Bluefish Rockfish Speck Flounder TOTAL
Doug Greiner(1st) 47.375 24 20.5 0 0 91 7/8"
Gary Marine(2nd) 47.5 12 20.75 0 0 80 1/4"
Troy Franz (3rd) 0 12.25 25 19 0 56 1/4"


SIMMS Fly Division Redfish Bluefish Rockfish Speck Flounder Total
Mike Dunlap(1st) 0” 12 5/8" 20” 14” 0” 46 7/8"
Morgan Kupfer(2nd) 0” 14" 23 ½” 0” 0” 37 1/2"
Doug Romaine(3rd) 0” 11 5/8" 19 ½” 0” 0” 31 1/8"

 Bass Kandy Delights Youth Division 1st Place: Jacob Corry: 19" Rock

Big Red: Gary Marine 47 ½”           Big Rock : Nick Garrott : 26”           Big Trout: Troy Franz 19”

Largest Crisfield Slam Doug Greiner : 91 7/8” ( Red, Blue, Rock)

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