Oyster management in Maryland has a long and storied history, but unfortunately many of the management decisions in the past forty years have focused on short-term economic returns that only benefit a relatively small number of citizens. As Maryland’s largest recreational fishing organization, Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) advocates for managing this invaluable yet scarce public resource for a sustainable future consistent with the state’s natural resources’ mission as well as laws and regulations that govern oysters. 

Last month, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources sought public input on proposed amendments to the state’s Oyster Management Plan (OMP). CCA Maryland provided comments and recommendations on Draft Amendment 1 to the 2019 Chesapeake Bay OMP. Read CCA Maryland’s complete comments here.

“Oyster reef habitat provides invaluable recreational fishing opportunities for Chesapeake anglers who in turn contribute millions of dollars in economic activity throughout the Bay region,” said David Sikorski, executive director of CCA Maryland and a member of the state’s Oyster Advisory Commission. “Oyster management must balance the needs of the ecosystem first. Only then can our resources benefit all citizens of Maryland and the future health of the Bay.”