Fishing Tournament

Pickerel Championship


Nov 1, 2021 -
Feb 28, 2022


Maryland, DC & Delaware tidal & non-tidal waters.


$50 members
$75 non-members


Cooler weather may be here, but fishing doesn't have to stop!

Sign up for the 2021-2022 CCA Maryland Pickerel Championship and have FOUR MONTHS of great fishing to catch, photo and release your way to some great trophies & other prizes.  You may register any time before the tournament ends.

CCA Membership is required to participate. Click here to check your membership status and make sure your membership is current.

Not a member yet? Non-member/expired member registration includes CCA Membership or adds 1-year to your existing membership for $25 more, a $10 discount off of our standard membership fee.

Scroll down to find out how to participate or click here to register. 

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How to Participate

The 2021-2022 Pickerel Championship is a Catch-Photo-Release tournament managed in partnership with the Angler Action Foundation using the iAngler Tournament smartphone application.

To register for this event:

  1. Complete the registration form on our Registration Page here
  2. You will receive a confirmation email with a coupon code and instructions
  3. Create a User Account at if you don't have one already & log in
  4. Follow the link in your email to register on the iAngler Tournament website or app and enter the coupon code during checkout
  5. Download the iAngler Tournament mobile app, head out on the water & start fishing!

If you need assistance with logging in with your existing account or have any other registration issues, please contact David Sikorski via email or by texting or calling (443)621-9186

This is the logo you are looking for when downloading the app from you app store or google play.

Look for this logo when downloading the FREE iAngler Tournament app.

Tournament Divisions

The following divisions are based on how an angler catches their qualifying fish.

Click each division below for more information.

Longest 3 pickerel stringer recorded over the 4 months caught by an single participant

Top 3 stringers awarded prizes

Prize: Bluewater Copper Works Pickerel Trophy

Sponsored by Under Armour

Longest Pickerel caught by any method of fishing. 

Prize: Bluewater Copper Works Trophy

Sponsored by

Longest pickerel caught via a kayak or stand up paddle board

Prize: Bluewater Copper Works Pickerel Trophy

Longest fly caught pickerel

Sponsored by Tochterman's Tackle & Fly Shop

Prize: Bluewater Copper Works Trophy

Longest pickerel caught by a lady angler.

Sponsored By: JLS Rods

Prize: TBD

Longest individual pickerel caught by youth angler 17 or under.  ( top 3 entries awarded prizes)

Anglers who have not reached their 18th birthday during the tournament period qualify for this category.  

A youth membership is required, and available for free at:

Youth anglers may participate against adult anglers if they pay the full entry fee.  This will disqualify them from the youth division but give them a chance to compete for the other prizes.

If a youth angler has an email, they may register for an account on iAngler Tournament.  If they do not, email the youth name you would like added to your iAngler Tournament account to with the subject "Youth Pickerel"

Youth Prizes:  CCA spinning rod & hat

Longest Crappie 

Prize: Bluewater Copper Works copper crappie trophy. 

Longest White or Yellow Perch

Prize: Bluewater Copper  Works Trophy of winning species 

Tournament Calcuttas

Calcuttas listed below are optional additional entry levels open to any participating angler and should be added through the registration page before fishing in the tournament.

Click each Calcutta below for more information.

Longest Grand Slam comprised of a combination of one pickerel, one yellow and/or white perch, one crappie and one bass. 

Sponsored by: TBD

Prize: TBD

Longest pickerel caught in tidal waters 

Sponsor: TBD

Prize: TBD

Longest pickerel caught in non-tidal waters.  

Sponsor: TBD

Prize: TBD

Longest bass caught

Sponsor: TBD

Prize: TBD

Tournament Rules


No Treble Hooks may be used.  

Hooks may be rolled over or snipped off allowing no more than 1 of the 3 hooks to be exposed and in its original form.   

Fishing may take place in any waters of Maryland, DC and Delaware

Catch Photo Release Championship governed by the honor system

Panel of judges will determine actual length based on photograph

All participants reserve the right to challenge any photo judgement before midnight February 28, 2022 

Judges reserve the right to disqualify any entry 

The time of a catch is determined by the embedded meta data in the image.  This means the time that the picture is taken by the device is the official time for the tournament.  

In the event of a tie in any division, the fish caught and photographed first will be considered the winner.  

All rules and regulations set forth by MD DNR & DNREC apply

14” minimum for pickerel for submission 

Photo Submission:

All photos must be clear and readable and include a photo identifier provided to participants at registration

Photos must be taken against any standard ruler (inches only)

Measurements will be made to nearest 1/4”

Panel of judges have final say in determination of fish length. 

Must include tournament indicator (to be emailed or texted to participants prior to tournament start)

Any measurement device must be presented for inspection upon request or submission(s) will be disqualified

all photos should be submitted through page or app, but technical support will be provided throughout  the tournament for those who have trouble with the app. 


Lines In:

7:30 am Nov. 1, 2021

Lines Out/Picture Submission Deadline:
Midnight, February 28th, 2022

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