Thanks to the wonderful support of Brad King and his Kent Island Scuba company, our research partners at Stevenson University School of Science have been able to continue monitoring the growth of our reef site.  This underwater footage of the CCA BCT Tilghman Island Reef Ball site demonstrates how successful our Living Reef Action Campaign has become.  It has only been five months since deployment, and the reef balls are already showing tremendous progress.  The research team continues to record data that will be used as part of a three year scientific study comparing three dimension artificial oyster reefs to areas of the Chesapeake that do not have habitat structure.

Students across the state continue to engage in building this reef site.  Our next deployment is planned for late spring to deploy another 144 spat seeded reef balls at the time.

If your school or organization would like to get involved in our project, please visit the Get Involved section of our website blog to learn how.