Oyster Management Input

CCA Maryland and its members advocate for the health and sustainability of our marine resources and work to conserve, promote, and enhance the availability of these public resources. We fully recognize that managing our marine natural resources is no small task and that the devil is always in the details. The public trust doctrine guides the management of our public resources, but as many know, it is our ever-evolving policies and decisions, coupled with how we decide to govern, that truly shapes our interpretation of the public trust.!! CCA Maryland believes in managing for an abundance of our natural resources for the benefit of all citizens.!! Realizing the challenges in defining abundance, we simply seek a management system that provides more than we have now. We need more grasses, more oysters, and more forage fish in order to provide more fish species such as striped bass, speckled trout, blue fish, red drum, and other targeted species for all to enjoy.!! It is the privilege of our citizens to be able to utilize our wonderful natural resources, and it is necessary for regulators and stakeholders to work collaboratively to conserve these resources so that they can ultimately benefit all citizens in the best way possible. Recreational fishing, recreational boating, commercial fishing, and many other uses are important economic drivers in Maryland and a healthy Chesapeake Bay with an abundance of natural resources will provide stability for our future generations.


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